Text-Powered Creation Engine

Craft stunning visuals from simple text descriptions in just moments.

Penly AI's Dream Weaver technology brings your envisioned characters to life with artistic precision.

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Custom Lookalike Portraits

Transform any AI-generated character to resemble someone specific!

Simply provide a reference image, and our AI will skillfully craft a character bearing a striking resemblance to your desired likeness.

Enhance Your Images with AI

Unleash your artistic potential with an AI assistant designed to amplify creativity. Effortlessly modify, expand, or eliminate elements in your images using straightforward text commands.

Boundless creativity meets limitless creation. Achieve your vision in three simple steps: upload an image or choose from your gallery, specify the changes you desire through text, and watch as our AI transforms your ideas into reality.

Discover Infinite Visual Possibilities

Journey beyond the boundaries of your imagination with AI-powered Outpainting!

Easily enlarge your image and input text prompts to seamlessly integrate new components, such as backgrounds and characters, into your existing picture, creating a limitless canvas for your creativity.

Craft Your Ideal Companion with AI

Penly AI's intuitive Image Generator is designed to bring your visions to life with remarkable accuracy

Just describe your ideal partner using words, and our AI will swiftly create a vivid, lifelike portrayal. Discovering your dream companion has never been so effortless and realistic!

Personalize Your Anime Masterpiece

Penly AI's Art Generator empowers you to craft anime art in a myriad of styles. Let your imagination soar, describe your vision in a prompt, and watch as it transforms into a stunning anime illustration.

Embrace the uniqueness of your creation, knowing that your personalized anime character is a reflection of your own creative spirit!

Converse with Your Dream AI Companion

Create the ideal AI girlfriend and engage in conversation instantly!

Tailor your AI partner to match your dreams and embark on a virtual date. Experience a dynamic interaction with options for text, voice, or video communication. Discover the joy of SoulChat today!

AI Companion Gallery

her delicate features were vision with high cheekbones, sharp jawline, bright green eyes
her eyes were bright blue, sparkling with intelligence and wit, her hair was pulled back in a sleek
her eyes were bright green, sparkling with intelligence and wit
her face was elegant, with a sharp jawline and high cheekbones that framed her piercing green eyes, small nose, full lips painted in a deep shade of red
her flawless skin was illuminated by a natural glow, bikini dressed, highlighting the subtle contours and shadows that made her face so alluring
she had striking features with piercing brown eyes, a small nose, pink dress
she has full, luscious lips that curve into a captivating smile
the woman was vision of beauty, with bright brown eyes, bikini dressed
the woman's face was like dream, with soft curves and delicate features
the woman's face was like work of art, with a long, slender nose and full lips that seemed to be made for kissing
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Anime Character Exhibition

2girls, bare shoulders, brown hair, pencil skirt, strapless dress, large breasts
2girls, long hair, ocean, swimsuit, navel, blonde hair
beach, arms up, bangle, ponytail, purple hair
black hair, camellia, cherry blossoms, long hair, sportswear
bridge, curl hair, white hair, twintails, see-through
fingerless gloves, fishnet legwear
flower, breasts, eyebrows visible through hair, bangs
flower, breasts, eyebrows visible through hair, braid, red hair
library, building, city, book stack, blush, book
night sky, long hair, floral print, festival, blush, looking at viewer, flower, kimono, Japanese clothes, aerial fireworks
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How to Get AI Generated Images in 3 Steps?

Penly AI's Art Generator is designed for effortless navigation and user convenience. Here's how you can create AI-generated images in just three steps:


Log in your account or get free trial if you do not have one.


Enter your description or our prompt.


Choose the Real Girl or Anime Girl and click Generate.

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